Established companies have an R&D and often an IP Department for IP Management tasks. IP Management is the management of IP rights. It is not enough to simply obtain formal IP rights. Patents and trademark rights need to be exploited adequately. Obtaining maximum value from IP requires taking effective steps leading to a IP strategy that fits the needs of an organization.

For patents we might overcome the bias that “patent management” is just about filing patent applications when, where, and at what costs and paying maintenance fees to keep the patents alive. The same is true for trademarks. IP Management is much more than that. Effectively managing a company’s IP portfolio helps securing a company’s assets, securing data, optimize processes and protect valuable assets and decreases risk. Another important goal of IP Management is to create a culture in the organization whereby the role of IP is being recognized as an important contributor to the performance and results of the organization.

IPEG consultants have year-long experience in IP driven companies and their skills make them well placed to deliver IP Management consultancy.