We Advise on IP Transactions

IPEG advises on all kinds of IP transactions. IPRs can be sold, acquired, licensed and subject of financial security or bond transactions. We do not own intellectual property rights ourselves, however we do sell or acquire IPRs for or on behalf of third parties, with a proviso:  IPEG does only in very rare cases sell individual (or single family) patents.

We have been approached many times over the last years to assist companies and individuals to sell their IP, attracted by high IPR valuation stories. In most cases our response may sound rather disappointing, basically telling that we are not entertaining sales of individual patents or very small portfolios as this will be either impossible, too costly, or both. Often patent owners who want to sell a patent want to be guaranteed a quick payoff for their patented invention without doing thorough homework and preparations themselves.

For why that is: read our blog (to be found under “Insights”) “Assignment and Use of IPR in Financial Transactions – A Jumble”).