The UK Blackberry case RIM vs Inpro

The UK Court of Appeal handed down a judgment on Wednesday 7 February in the UK “Blackberry”case, RIM v Inpro (Inpro is a technology licensing company or, some might say, a “troll”). As expected, the Court upheld the first instance decision revoking Inpro’s European patent in the UK on the grounds of obviousness. Inpro’s patent claimed a system for enabling web pages to be made available to hand-held computers via proxy servers based on (amongst other things) screen size and resolution, and utilisation of a single transfer file rather than multiple HTTP-type files. The obviousness of these claimed concepts was upheld over at least 3 pieces of prior art.There appears to be no grounds for appeal to the House of Lords. Unlike NTP in the US, Inpro will obtain no licensing income from RIM as a result of this litigation.

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