The Great Patent Bubble of 2011

Under the title “The Great Patent Bubble of 2011”, INTIPSA members debate the biggest challenge companies face developing and implementing an IP strategy.  How can a market function effectively when 99% of the assets are of very low quality? Will brand perceptions in the smartphone industry be affected by the way in which patents are used? How will the increasing volume of Chinese patents factor into the global IP marketplace in the future?

These are just some of the questions posed by the audience at the webinar INTIPSA organized for its members and fans. IP strategists from 14 countries logged in to hear industry experts Ralph Eckardt and Peter Holden debate recent developments in patent markets.  The debate is continuing in the new discussion forum on our website. INTIPSA members can also download the presentations and a full recording.  You can join the discussion at INTIPSA

INTIPSA organizes further webinars: at the end of November 2011, INTIPSA plans to hold a webinar with a title along the lines of “Where do the best CIPOs come from – inside or outside?”. Speakers to share their experiences, learnings and challenges, some being promoted from within while other were hired from outside.
In early 2012, they are planning on holding a webinar “Do patent boxes really stimulate innovation?” or “How far should IP tax considerations drive business strategy?”

Forging links with IP Strategy Educationalists
INTIPSA is now working to forge links with leading IP educational establishments (both Law Schools and Business Schools) around the world who are already teaching in the areas of ‘IP & Business’, ‘IP strategy’, and ‘IP Management’ or who are interested in doing so in the future. INTIPSA will be reaching out to such entities in the coming weeks and months.

INTIPSA’s Knowledge Hub
INTIPSA has just recently revamped the structure of the ‘knowledge hub’ part of our web site, and major work in now started on enhancing the content within this critical part of INTIPSA. Our goal is to offer good quality educational material on various aspects of IP at this location.

for contacting INTIPSA  please contact Donal O’Connell