Prof. Dragan Kukolj

Dragan Kukolj received his degree in control engineering in 1982, an MSc degree in computer engineering in 1988, and Ph.D. degree in control engineering in 1993, all from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. As a professor, Dr. Kukolj is currently teaching computer-based systems with the Department of Computer Engineering and Communication, Faculty of Engineering, University of Novi Sad. His main research interests include machine learning techniques and computer-based systems integration with applications in image/video processing and digital signal processing. He is also a technical consultant for the industry, where he is involved in areas of integration of image processing and machine learning techniques applied in multi-media devices, wireless sensors, and computer services. Dr. Kukolj is a senior member of the IEEE since 2006 and has published more than 200 papers in referred journals and conference proceedings.

Dr. Kukolj is the founder and coordinator of the Intellectual Property Centre of the University of Novi Sad (founded 2008), intending to promote in the academic community the significance of intellectual property, and to support patent application preparations and conduct patent procedures. Since 2006. Dr. Kukolj leads a IPR department at the RT-RK company. The department is specialized in the patent application preparation and support of foreign customers, Coller Capital, Acacia, WiLAN, HLP Integration, Marks&Clerk, etc.) in the technical analysis of patents. His expertise in the field of intellectual property management covers the following activities: preparation of patent application including claims drafting and writing of invention description, prior-art-search, claimcharting, and quantitative and qualitative valuation of patents/patent portfolios.

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