Kai-Erik Sunell

Kai-Erik Sunell is an independent standardization consultant with background from telecom companies and standards development organization (ETSI). He graduated from the University of Technology, Tampere, Finland in 1995, with a degree in telecommunication, and from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden in 2000 with a degree in radio communication systems. His area of expertise is 3GPP radio interface protocols and their extensibility, interoperability, and compatibility. He has actively participated in 3GPP standardization since 2006 and EU FP pre-standardization research projects FRAMES (1995-1997) and IST-WINNER (2004-2006). He has contributed as a standardization delegate, technical specification rapporteur, and working group official (technical  officer). Kai-Erik is an inventor or co-inventor of several standard essential patents, and experienced in evaluation and review of inventions.