Jacoba Sieders

Jacoba Sieders is an expert in Digital Identity, Access Control and Management. Jacoba is member of the Advisory Board of the EU Self-Sovereign Identity -Lab, deciding about digital innovation grants from the EU, and functioned as digital identity specialist for the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. She is a well-known speaker on the topic of digital identity and secure access at high-profile congresses across Europe, and working as a freelance expert today. Since 2001, she held executive positions leading these topics at global banks in the Netherlands; ING Group, Rabobank International, and ABNAMRO, where she was accountable for all secure digital access to the banks systems globally, including online and mobile banking. She then led the digital access control function at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg (the financial institution of the EU).  Next to access control, biometrics, and the other technical aspects of digital identity, relevant legislation for the financial industry, cyber security, and privacy, is her special topic, such as GDPR, Payment Services Directive II, e-IDAS, and AML.

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