Dr. Slava Zavadsky

Dr. Slava Zavadsky received his M.Sc. computer science with specialization in discrete algorithms and electronics design automation and his Ph.D. in applied math and statistics with specialization of applications of wavelets to image and video processing from Belorussian State University. Dr. Zavadsky has extensive experience in enterprise and cloud IT infrastructure, Linux, Android and open source, signal and image processing, data mining, and reverse engineering and functional testing techniques for patent support.

As a program manager with UBM techinsights (Semiconductor insights), he architected the suite of software tools to enable circuit reverse engineering, and implemented several high-end algorithmic engines for image stitching, image processing, artificial intelligence, intellectual property knowledge management, vector data processing, and structural data mining of reverse engineered circuits. He developed techniques for black box testing of systems and integrated circuits to to support patent assertion in video and image processing, performance and power management, wireless and audio, gaming, graphics and enterprise tools. He also developed techniques and trained teams in software reverse engineering and open source analysis.

Using his broad and deep technical expertise, Dr. Zavadsky consulted many customers during assertive and defensive licensing campaigns, and acted as a technology and market expert to evaluate IP during acquisitions and divestitures, licensing, and capital transactions.

Dr. Zavadsky has 13 US patents issued and several more pending, and published over 20 peer reviewed articles.

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