Dr. Ing. Franz-Otto Witte

Dr. Ing. Franz-Otto Witte received his PhD from the University of Wuppertal (Germany) in Automation and Communication Theory.  Otto Witte has extensive experience as a system engineer e.g. DSP and Audio-systems. His area of work covers wide range of technologies, medical devices for Iontophorese, measuring systems for hearing aids, digital hearing aids, digital filter banks, MPEG-Layer 2 Codec-Implementation, EU-DAB 147 Audio-Decoder, MP3 Decoder, Astra-Digital-Radio Decoder-Chip, Participation at the MP3-Referenzcodec of the ISO/MPEG, system concept and realization of a Digital Signal Processor Chip and the corresponding  Software-Tools, Worldspace satellite radio decoder Chipset, development of a worldwide used broadcast encryption system, adaptive S/P DIF Audio Interface design, dolby-digital-decoder, DSP-based Loran-C Radio-Navigation receiver (long wave) and an USB-DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale)- receiver frontend.

Dr. Witte is also innovator and owns over 20 patents. In 1999 he received together with Martin Dietz from the German based Fraunhofer Institut für integrierte Schaltungen IIS in Erlangen (Germany) the „Georg-Waeber“ Price for Micorelectronics in honor of his developments for the development of the first single chip MP3 decoder.

Otto Witte has his own consultancy, TEConcept GmbH.

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