Dr. Dimitris Kouzelis

Dr. Dimitris Kouzelis is a European Patent Attorney and served 30 years at the European Patent Office (EPO), out of which the last 15 as Director. In this role he worked for several countries, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil and assisted in setting-up or improving their patent system. In 2018 he set-up and since then chairs the Intellectual Property Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce – Greece, a think-tank aiming at identifying issues and proposing reforms to the Greek Government and the related Organisations (OBI, OPI, Trademarks). The wrote “Roadmap for IP Development in Greece” a 90-pages report, containing 32 proposals for solving long-standing problems of the Greek IP-landscape, several of which have been adopted by the Greek government.

Besides the above pro-bono initiative, his most relevant professional experience relates to consultancy work for the Brazilian Patent and Trademarks Office (INPI), which suffered from long-standing legal, organisational and technological issues, resulting in very long pendency and low quality of patent applications. In 2018 he won an international tender to identify areas of improvement of INPI-Brazil and propose reforms. After a preparatory work and 1,5 months in-situ, Dr. Kouzelis presented the final report in a meeting in which participated the Minister of Development, the UK Ambassador, The Director General of the INPI and paving the way to substantial reforms.

Within IPEG he is available for IP management assignments

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