Alexei Ioudovski

Alexei Ioudovski is an expert in the high-tech area. He provides technical support for licensing, technology and patent evaluation, and reverse engineering.

Alexei worked as a research fellow in the field of Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Remote Sensing of Environment from Space. He published 11 research papers on computer simulation of imaging and video systems and co-authored a book Remote Sensing of the Ocean on statistical aspects of satellite data processing and interpretation (inverse and ill-posed problems). His industrial experience includes several positions in R&D departments as a developer, project leader and manager with Semiconductor Insights (Canada), Symagery Microsystems (Canada), PressTech Controls (UK), Impuls computergestützte Bildanalyse GmbH (Germany), Noble Vision Robotics (Canada), and Annidis Health Systems (Canada).

Alexei participates as a consultant in development of reverse engineering tools for automated extraction of transistors and schematics from integrated circuits at TechInsights (Canada).

Alexei offers his technical expertise and over 40 years of R&D experience to full cycle licensing campaigns from portfolio analysis and patent assessment to infringement analysis and infringement report generation at various levels from indication of use to the litigation level. Also, Alexei assists customers in need to perform technical due diligence by an independent consultancy, and OEM’s seeking to utilize or improve their products.

Alexei’s areas of expertise include image and video processing; imaging devices; image and video compression standards and practices; 2D and 3D graphics standards and implementation in hardware and software; consumer electronics, multimedia streaming standards, industry practices and systems; and software and firmware reverse engineering.

Alexei successfully completed many reverse engineering projects that required development of test plans and functional tests of various complexity.

Alexei holds a master’s degree in Applied Optics with specialization in Electro-optical systems from the Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography, Faculty of Applied Optics (1983).

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