Survey: How are IP counsel hired?

In our blog “About IP Ranking Mania“, we wrote:

Wouldn’t it be great to get insights into the reason(s) and motivations why corporations, organizations, and individuals, in need of intellectual property advice or (professional) support, choose their advisor(s)?

of IPEG conducts a short survey about the process of hiring IP professionals (patent attorneys, lawyers, IP litigators, consultants, advisors, etc.) How are and by whom are IP professionals selected?

Participating will only cost you approx. 5 minutes. An * after a question means that this needs to be filled in before you can proceed. No names or other personal data are being stored or used, other than to report on the outcome of the survey (anonymized)

Please participate in this Survey. Your details will only be anonymously used in the publication of the survey result. Thank you for participating!

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