IP Tear Down & Reverse Engineering

IPEG provide complete teardown analysis, as well as detailed breakdowns of electronic
devices such as mobile phone handsets, digital cameras, set-top boxes, PDAs, flat panel
televisions, digital TV and laptop computers. IPEG delivers a comprehensive assessment of all
electronic, electro-mechanical, and mechanical components.

IPEG’s team consists of approx. 60 Europe based engineers most are trained in Germany,
senior IP consultants who screen the engineering results so as to meet customer’s demands.

We do not stop where engineers have delivered their analysis. IPEG’s consultants combines
the findings of the technical (engineering) team with valuable business and IP practice

A. Services

(a) Tear-Down services:

Looking into and tearing-down electronic devices:

  • providing detailed product architecture
  • providing material lists, together with material prices, assembly and production costs
  • printed circuit details together with all necessary measurements
  • pointing out most interesting and innovative concepts within the given product
  • providing product technology report (what technology is used within the key components)

(b) Reverse Engineering Services:

  • System analysis:

This is the area in which we can make most significant contributions. We can provide SW
HW interaction analysis, functional analysis, board-level circuit extraction, code analysis,
software functional analysis, software reverse engineering (extraction, disassembly,
decompilation, and analysis), documentation analysis, protocol specification analysis

  • Circuit and Physical analysis:

We cannot provide reverse engineering and or tear-down services for integrated circuits at
this stage, sensors and similar integrated products, as these are very specific services
requiring very sophisticated (read: expensive) equipment, that cannot be done by IPEG at
this moment, as investments to enter this arena are significant. We are in the process of
setting up these services starting as of Q1-2010.

B. Pricing

IPEG delivers the TD and RE services against very competitive prices, generally between 30-
50% cheaper than most current providers of TD and RE services due to the fact that we use
Eastern European and Russian engineers to deliver the technical services combines with
Western European IP and business expertise.

For details on our IPEG team, we kindly refer you to www.ipeg.com/our_team.php.

We are more than happy to provide you with a more specific quote for such TD or RE
services, combined with timing, and deliverables that we can offer.

For more information please provide details and we will send you a personalized offering and
price quote.