IP Licensing Support

Patents have long been a strategic asset in the battle to protect market share and key proprietary technologies. Patents have also become a new source of sought after revenues for technology companies and a key metric for corporate valuation by the investment community. Data compiled by the National Science Foundation suggests that IP (patents, proprietary technologies, and process) should generate between 5 and 10% of a company’s operating income (vs. an average of 0.5% today).

Licensing those key proprietary technologies is an effective way to achieve added returns on a company’s investment in the development of IP and maximize licensing valuations. The licensing process requires expertise in formulating a strategy for managing a company’s IP, the appraisal of relevant internal and external technologies, and in the negotiation process to finalize agreements that achieve the desired strategic and financial goals associated with a licensing program. ipeg also provides related services such as technical and negotiating support for in-licensing activities.