Patent trends in China

Evalueserve commented on our earlier blog “Europe’s Patent Demise” which appeared on the former blog website. As we moved to the IPEG website (from Blogger) it is worth mentioning the comments of Evalueserve and its white paper on China Patent Trends. The comment read as follows:

I read this article on your blog and found it very interesting and informative. Since your article deal with Patents and Intellectual Property, I think you will also be interested in a recent study that we conducted on the China patent landscape. The study talks about the changes that took place in the Chinese patent system in the past 20 years. The article ‘Patenting Landscape in China’ depicts the change in patent filing trends by Chinese companies and its impact on the Chinese IP legal system.Our research shows that Chinese companies have started realizing the importance of protecting their Intellectual Property. China has developed its legal structure to resolve issues related to patent infringement. The year-on-year increase in patent filings in the past 20 year is 25.1 percent for domestic companies and 4.5 percent for international companies. This indicates the increasing awareness towards patents in domestic Chinese companies. In 2007, 62.4 percent of all 20 year patent applications were filed by domestic companies.

In our study we have also looked at patent-related lawsuits involving international companies. According to the No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing, foreign parties have won 60 percent of these cases. We have also analyzed the famous Chint vs. Schneider case, pointing out some important considerations that international companies filing patents in China should take into account.