Our Expert Litigation Service

Some of our IPEG consultants have extensive experience acting as subject matter experts in patent litigation. We can deliver the right expert for litigation needs. Choosing the right expert means that (s)he can educate both the litigation team as well as the court or (in some countries) the jury on subjects that are outside of their regular experience. They assist in preparing the patent case, either an infringement vase or a claim for revocation or nullity claim. They assist in investigating the facts and issues of a case, assist the judge and jury in understanding complex technical and economic issues, and assist the litigation team in developing a case strategy.

Technical experts usually have extensive experience related to the specific technology covered by the patent or the general scientific field around the patented invention. Our consultants- litigation experts provide opinions on technical issues like how the “man-skilled-in-the-art” looks at the time of applying for the patent, about claim construction, invalidity, and infringement.

The following IPEG consultants have broad  – industry based – experience acting as a subject matter expert:

Dr Tim Moulsley

Tim Moulsley graduated with first class honours degree in Physics and Electronics in 1976 from Chelsea College, London (now Kings College),

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Jacoba Sieders

Jacoba Christina Sieders holds a Master's degree in Classics (Latin, Greek, Hebrew) from Leiden University in the Netherlands but was re-educated in 1999

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Prof. Bruno Clerckx

Bruno Clerckx received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in applied science from the Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, in 2000

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Dr. Holger Klapproth

Dr. Holger Klapproth received a masters degree in biology and a PhD in pharmacology from Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz. After

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Steven van Wijk

For more than 20 years Steven has participated actively in valuation projects for multinationals, corporates and large family businesses. His experience...

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Dr. Slava Zavadsky

Dr. Slava Zavadsky received his M.Sc. computer science with specialization in discrete algorithms and electronics design automation and his

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John Meredith

John Meredith’s career started in 1975 as an engineer designing analogue radio and digital signalling and control equipment, and software for radio terminals and

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Alexei Ioudovski

Alexei Ioudovski is an intellectual property consultant in the high-tech area. He provides technical support for licensing, technology and patent evaluation,

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Bill Rosenblatt

Bill Rosenblatt holds a B.S.E. with honors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University and an M.S. in Computer and Information Science

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Prof. Dragan Kukolj

Dragan Kukolj received his degree in control engineering in 1982, an MSc degree in computer engineering in 1988, and Ph.D. degree in control engineering in 1993, all from...

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