IPEG partners with IP Core Team of National Science and Research Institute RT-RK

IPEG is proud to announce a partnership with the Patent Core Team of the National Science and Research Institute RT-RK (University of Novi Sad, Serbia) in providing IP services. The partnership will be headed by IPEG consultant Prof. Dragan Kukolj, member of the RT-RK team. IPEG and RT-RK have a long history of working together. Among other projects, they worked on a long-term patent monetization process of over 250+ consumer electronics patent families for Coller Capital.

The Patent Core Team is a unit of RT-RK that employs 300 engineers experienced in the embedded system design in consumer electronics, communication technologies, and multimedia, providing a broad technical foundation for sophisticated IP services. Among other services IPEG works with the Patent Core Team for

Patent Portfolio Technical Analysis
  • Assessment of the patent technical solution (applicability, uniqueness, broadness, detectability etc.)
  • Portfolio clustering based on technology/products
  • Patent vs. products analysis
  • Claim Chart generation
Patent Portfolio Management
  • Assessment of all the patents (technical, technology and product mapping)
  • Developing strategies for patents monetization (dropping, selling, licensing routes)
  • Developing strategies for the generation of future patents based on company’s R&D strategy and competitors analysis
Claim Chart Generation
  • Potential targets identification
  • Mapping to the standard
  • Mapping to the product
  • Mapping validation
Fields of Expertise
  • Video and audio codec
  • DTV/STB technology
  • Mobile phones
  • Electronics ICs
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Software
  • Advanced algorithms and data processing
  • Communication protocols

We belive this partnership will strengthen our presence on the IP Services market and we look forward to our continuous relationship with RT-RK

The IPEG Team