Are NFTs DRM by Another Name?

Twenty years ago, when the first generation of DRM (digital rights management) technologies hit the market, one of the benefits they touted was that with DRM-packaged files, consumers could be sure that they were getting genuine content from the source.…

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Book Review Patent Management

A Book review by Severin de Wit on the book "Patent Management, Protecting Intellectual Property and Innovation (Springer 2021) by Oliver Gassmann, Martin A. Bader and Mark James Thompson, published in Elsevier's Journal World Patent Information
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About IP ranking-mania

In an old (2013) IPEG post, “Does every artist have to be a Picasso?” we discussed the number of publications ranking lawyers and IP professionals, announcing them as the “top” lawyer in such-and-so, or a “top” IP professional in such-and-so…

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