How will Intellectual Property look like in in 2033?

Under the title Patent rights, property, exclusivity and how a newborn reaching the age of maturity will experience the Patent system, if there is still one IPEG consultant Severin de Wit wrote this essay in a book (Liber Amicorum) contributed to Charles Gielen at Nauta Dutilh upon his departure as Professor of Intellectual Property of the University of Groningen (Netherlands).  The essay reflects on how a 2015 newborn will look at intellectual property in 2033 -the year he reaches maturity at his 18th birthday. The book was presented to Charles at a special event at the offices of the law firm Nauta Dutilh on September 30, 2015. The Liber Amicorum  under the titel “gIElen, een bekend begrip” is published by Wolters Kluwer (ISBN 978 90 13 13149 9 (Paperback), ISBN 978 90 13 13150 5 (E-book) NUR 827-705).

(with a special thanks to Bill Rosenblatt, who was so kind as to correct my text, especially my English as a non native speaker)

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