How will Intellectual Property look like in in 2033?

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Under the title Patent rights, property, exclusivity and how a newborn reaching the age of maturity will experience the Patent system, if there is still one IPEG consultant Severin de Wit wrote this essay in a book (Liber Amicorum) contributed to Charles Gielen at Nauta Dutilh upon his departure as Professor of Intellectual Property of the University of Groningen (Netherlands).¬† The essay reflects on how a 2015 newborn will look at intellectual property in 2033 -the year he reaches maturity at his 18th birthday. The book was presented to Charles at a special event at the offices of the law firm Nauta Dutilh on September 30, 2015. The Liber Amicorum¬† under the titel “gIElen, een bekend begrip” is published by Wolters Kluwer (ISBN 978 90 13 13149 9 (Paperback), ISBN 978 90 13 13150 5 (E-book) NUR 827-705).

(with a special thanks to Bill Rosenblatt, who was so kind as to correct my text, especially my English as a non native speaker)

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