Fortune 500 companies -bloggers appetite?

There are only a small number of bloggers among Fortune 500 companies. Hardly 15 percent of the Fortune 500 companies communicates with its consumers via blogs. This is the result of a study by Burson-Marsteller. From the survey, conducted in February and March 2008, it appears that 74 of the 500 toppers van het American business community actively keep up blogs.

The agency said the figure represents about a 270% increase compared to when Wired magazine and Socialtext began tracking Fortune 500 blogs in December 2005. The Wired wiki of Fortune 500 blogs counted 58 of them as of May 2008. Larger companies tend to control blogs in greater numbers than their smaller counterparts, according to the Burson study. Nearly one-third (32%) of the Fortune 50 maintain blogs, while 16% of the Fortune 201 through 250 have blogs. Only 2% of the Fortune 451 to 500 maintain blogs.

No big surprise that especially techno companies are more active bloggers. From the survey one cannot see how many patent professionals from Fortune 500 companies either privately or professionally blog. We have a small poll added on our blog to see how many employees of Fortune 500 companies actively blog about IP or patents (see on the right side of this blog).

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