Europe in 2010 will be where the US was in 1981

It has been said many times over: EU is not getting where “Lisbon” wants it to be by 2010. According to a study by Chambers– the EU organization of Chambers of Commerce – the EU lags behind the US in R&D spending. Not a new conclusion, both McKinsey and Booz Hamilton reached the alarm bell earlier. Saddest of all, Europe reaches only now the level of R&D investment per capita that the US already achieved in 1978. So how will 2010 look like? According to this figures Europe in 2010 will look like where the US was already in 1981 (in August of that year IBM announced its first PC). We had not heard about mobile phones and US companies like Dell, Google and Cisco had yet to emerge. So are we wasting our time here in Europe? Did you sense a feel of emergency among European politicians?

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