Challenges in public and private domains will shape the Future of Intellectual Property

In the 2014, volume 3 edition of the “Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Management” an article is published by IPEG’s managing partner, Severin de Wit, called “Challenges in Public and Private Domains will shape the Future of Intellectual Property“. The Journal is published by the National Taipei University of Technology (“NTUT”),  a national university located in Taipei City, Taiwan. The Journal is run by the Institute of Intellectual Property, an educational organization of the NTUT.


Market failures, troubled access to medicine, impediments to free flow of information, copyright over-extension, digital right protection, overkill and patents stifling rather than stimulating innovation are just a few of the disparaging themes around intellectual property. The main drives behind changes in IPR systems are growing discontent with the right to exclude that is essential to most IPR systems, the diversity of IP policies between the West and the Developing countries as well as digitalization of information. The future of IPR will be shaped by its users more so than by international IP legislative initiatives. This article explores the main drives behind a growing critical view on intellectual property and how the law can change so as to restore confidence in the workings of intellectual property systems.

The NTUT article can be found here.

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