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The Lure of Money

Unveil the truth behind patent value in "The Illusion of Value." Navigate the pitfalls of equating patents with instant wealth, and discover why their worth goes beyond novelty. Delve into the balance between pride and pragmatism when seeking patents, and uncover the hidden risks of patent trolls. Explore the delicate art of selling patents while preserving innovation.

Can you license a patent application?

Licensing a pending patent application involves various considerations for both inventors and potential licensees. While it offers opportunities to generate revenue and transfer technology, there are also risks and challenges involved. The licensor must assess the strength of the patent application, the potential value of additional know-how, and the market demand for the invention. Meanwhile, the licensee should evaluate the risks associated with the non-grant of the patent, uncertainties in future prosecution costs, and the compatibility of the technology with their business goals. By carefully weighing these factors, both parties can make informed decisions regarding licensing pending patent applications, maximizing their chances of success in the dynamic landscape of innovation and intellectual property.

Strategies for Negotiating Licenses

You will never get the license agreement your technology deserves. You get the license agreement you negotiate. With this in mind, it is important for inventors, licensing professionals and intellectual property lawyers to constantly hone their negotiating skills. Here are…

FRANDly EU decision in Rambus case

The recent European Commission decision on Rambus’ alleged antitrust behavior provides interesting insights in what royalty rates offered by Rambus can be regarded as “fair”, “reasonable” and “non-discriminatory”. The antitrust proceedings dealt with the licensing behavior of Rambus Inc. after…