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A Book review by Severin de Wit on the book "Patent Management, Protecting Intellectual Property and Innovation (Springer 2021) by Oliver Gassmann, Martin A. Bader and Mark James Thompson, published in Elsevier's Journal World Patent Information

Patent Management is more than obtaining and maintaining patents, as is skillfully shown by Oliver Gassmann, Prof. Dr. Martin A. Bader, Dr. sc. ETH Mark James Thompson in their book “Patent Management, Protecting Intellectual Property and Innovation” (Springer 2021).

Severin de Wit wrote a review of this book, published in Elsevier’s journal World Patent Information

Book reviews are normally written shortly after publication, in that sense this review comes late as the book was published in November 2020. There is, however, no bad timing for good news: there aren’t that many books on patent management around, much less comprehensive and well-written books.

We have seen increased attention for patents. It started a few years ago with the fascination for patent trolls, followed by news about big money being paid for patents. The idea that the value of patented inventions could be converted into hard currency opened the eyes of the financial and IP world. Imaginative court cases in which well-known parties bombard each other with patents – think Apple vs. Samsung and ASML vs. Nikon – added to the increased interest in patent management. Where until recently intellectual property and especially patents seemed to be the domain of inscrutable technical fiddling, reserved for a select few, IP suddenly came to the fore as a new form of value creation.

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