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IPEG Intellectual Property Expert Group is an IP consultancy based in Europe

Intellectual Property & Trust

TrustTalk, a sister blog by IPEG consultant Severin de Wit, as well as the TrustTalk podcast cover all aspects of trust. As of December 1, 2020, IPEG will keep its readers and followers updated on trust aspects that IPR practitioners…

Trade Secrets Audits

An audit is the examination of a specific aspect of an organization, ideally by someone independent of that organization. The purpose of an audit is to provide independent assurance that an organization’s management, governance and processes are operating effectively, and…

Mapping of Patent Claims

Patent claims mapping is a legal and technical method which is used to support critical business decisions. It is about clearly linking a patent and one or more of the claims of that patent to a specific product or a specific component, part, feature or function within that product. Patent product mapping is frequently used to map your patents to your products, to evaluate the level of alignment here, and to help identify the most important patents in your portfolio and the protection they provide to the products in the product offering. Mapping also occurs during the patent prosecution phase to establish which claims should to be taken forward, and which claims not. This blog looks at the rationale for patent product mapping, the challenges trying to conduct it and some of the approaches and techniques one can employ in order to succeed.

Financiële aspecten van Intellectuele eigendom

In BMM Bulletin 2019-1 (het tijdschrift op het gebied van Merken- en Modellenrecht) wordt onder de titel “Follow the Money” aandacht besteed aan financiële en economische aspecten van intellectuele eigendom, met nadruk op merken. IPEG consultants Pieter Christiaan van Prooijen…