Apologies for service interruption

Dear readers,

Due to a viral attack on ipeg.com, our blog’s website, we have been off air and then on and off for the last 4-5 weeks. Due to repair work we had to undertake, our website’s attractive features like e.g. the picture glider you usually see when opening our blog, had to be removed, for the time being, as are some other functions of the IPEG blog. This has not happened before, since we started our blog in 2005. We were attacked by a flood of 1,3 million posts and other file sending attacks per day, which overloaded our server. Thanks to the criminal who is responsible for this.

We apologize and we do whatever it takes to be back to normal hopefully soon. We appreciate your continuous interest in our IPEG blog and we hope to keep you as a regular visitor to our blog.

The IPEG Blog Editorial Board

All images and illustrations used in our posts are licensed and have been legally acquired through official sources such as Adobe Stock