A political brawl between Germany and France over EPLA

A seemingly innocent European Commission memo, called “Communication from the Commission to the European Council (informal meeting in Lahti – Finland, 20 October 2006), An innovation-friendly, modern Europe” turned into a row between Germany and France. 

What happened? Well, have a look at the Commission’s document on page 6.
It says: “The adoption of a cost-effective Community Patent is the most important step.”

Nothing wrong, you would say. Except that in the original document the word “Community patent” did not appear. It said “The adoption of a cost-effective EPLA is the most important step.”

Some high ranking French official, based in Brussels and well connected within the EU Commission, changed on his own authority the word EPLA into “Community patent”, worse: without the knowledge of the two responsible EU Commissioners, Mc Creevy and Verheugen.

So that’s the way politics creep into the EPLA debate. Thought that only happened in Banana Republics?

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