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Book Review
Patent Management Protecting Intellectual Property and Innovation by Oliver Gassmann, Martin A. Bader, Mark James Thompson (Springer 2021)
in: World Patent Information (Elsevier) published 8 October 2021
2033, Patent rights, Property, Exclusivity
and how a Newborn reaching the Age of Maturity will experience the Patent System, if there is still one

Trust and Government by Judges
Intellectual Property Journal IER 2020/47 p. 373-381 Album Amicorum Ernst Numann (Wolters Kluwer Publishers, 2020)

ISSN 0169-1074
Challenges in Public and Private Domain Will Shape the Future of Intellectual Property
in: The Law of the Future and the Future of Law, Volume II, p. 323-337 (Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher, The Hague (2012)
ISBN 978-82-93081-80-7
Will the Patent Act Survive 2110?
in: A Century of Patents in the Netherlands, a publication commemorating the 100 year existence of the Dutch "Patent Act 1910", published by the Netherlands Patent Office, Sdu Uitgevers (2010)
Octrooien en innovatie, terugkijken is leren voor de toekomst
in: Een eigen, oorspronkelijk karakter
Liber Amicorum Prof. Jaap H. Spoor p. 387-395 (Uitgeverij De Lex 2007)
ISBN 978-90-8692-008-2

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