One of the recent jewels in publications on Innovation, R&D and patenting is prof. Mariana Mazzucato’s book "The Entrepreneurial State debunking private vs. public sector myths". It was mentioned one of the Financial Times' 2013 books of the year, and on Forbes’ list of 13 recommended readings for creative leaders to close out 2013. Rightfully so. According to Mazzucato there are 4 myths that need to be debunked. Myth 1: Innovation is about R&D In order to reach growth for a company spending more

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Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) and Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), also referred to as “patent trolls”, are causing heated discussions in the intellectual property space. They are commonly described as entities whose core business model is using IP to collect licensing fees instead of producing actual products. NPEs and PAEs can range from single inventors with sufficient resources to public companies and own portfolios ranging from a single patent to tens of thousands. “At the same time as NPEs create a market for IP, we

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The United States Supreme Court has granted a writ of certiorari this term in Nautilus, Inc. v. Biosig Instruments, Inc. (reviewing the Court of Appeals’ decision in Biosig Instruments, Inc. v. Nautilus, Inc., 715 F.3d 891 (Fed. Cir. 2013)), to address the legal test for when a United States patent claim is invalid for “indefiniteness.”  Because disputes over the definiteness of patent claims are fairly common, the Supreme Court’s forthcoming decision might have an effect on many patent claims. United States

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The patent prosecution highway (PPH) is a set of initiatives for providing accelerated patent prosecution procedures by sharing information between offices that have entered into an agreement under the PPH. At present, there are a variety of PPH bi-lateral agreements existing between many pairs of intellectual property offices worldwide. An example of such a bi-lateral agreement is the PPH agreement between the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) where an applicant who

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By naming former Google IP Chief Michelle Lee Deputy Director the Obama administration has tipped the patent scales in favor of tech businesses with special interests. In the absence of a named Director for over a year, naming Michelle Lee as Deputy effective January 13 will make her the Office’s highest ranking executive. Ordinarily this would not cause a stir, but Google is not a typical technology company. It is vehemently anti-patent, opposed to broad range patents and holders. The

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As we noted in a previous item (“Reselling products in the USA, Part II: ‘First Sale’ doctrine in patent,” March 22, 2013), American patent law features a doctrine of “exhaus­tion,” also sometimes (apparently interchangeably) called “first sale.”  If you own a patent, and a claim of that patent reads on a product you sell, generally you cannot sue a purchaser for infringing that patent by using or selling that product so long as the purchaser complies with any conditions set

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Over the last couple of years we witnessed an increasing interest in patent assets as the IP asset class and what it means for innovation, for R&D, for IP professionals and the financial sector but also for those that treat any intellectual property issue as a not-so-high-on-my-priority-list. Why many treat IP like this is remarkable, given that licensing of patents and know how has become an important channel for diffusing knowledge. Well-functioning technology markets can improve the efficiency of innovation

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Many companies with a meaningful or substantial number of patents in their portfolio organize their portfolio by means of a so called Patent Review Board, a formal review meeting, the purpose of which is to evaluate inventions, to determine which ones should be submitted as patent applications and to genarally discuss patent renewal issues and patent strategy. The decision to file a patent application is ultimately a business investment decision, so some kind of professional decision making process is needed.

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From IP52 is a new movement, started by CropLife International and dedicated to changing the way we look at the world around us by better understanding the role of IP in our lives. Each week, IP52 releases new resources – from IP 101 videos to infographics to innovator profiles – that help you discover how important IP is for inventors as well as consumers, and how it helps to evolve products in all industries. The infographic below gives you

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In a very competitive environment, where pricing for agricultural products has been in a downward trend, producers of agri-food and agricultural products are looking how to add value thus escaping the “commodity curse”. Products with a strong traditional origin or traditional appeal have offered producers to move into a more lucrative market. This is especially true for emerging markets, like for example Indonesia. Traditionally strong in spices and food products, the country’s richness is a good source for this value

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“What’s the value of my IP” is a question that comes up in the mind of a lot of IP owners, enticed by news of lavishly priced IP rights, they would like to see if they can get their IP monetized in a similar lucrative way. For the companies that receive the question whether they can valuate the IP this is not always good news. “It depends”  is mostly not a reply that is welcomed by a hopeful IP owner,

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For quite a long time publishers, notably in the UK, have found a smart way of making big money out of lawyers and IP professional's vanity. Legal 500, Super Lawyers, The Best Lawyers in America, Chambers and Partners, to name a few among the many, are rating and ranking lawyers and their firms. It's not enough to be a good lawyer you need to be a "top" lawyer. Not only the legal profession has been affected by this. In the

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