Company ABCD has a portfolio of IP assets, included a number of trade secrets. These trade secrets assets may be found across different functions in the organisation and include: Some algorithms within the R&D function Customer data managed by Sales & Marketing functions Some filtration process held by Operation in the factory Some negative know-how about failed tests by the Test function Some new business plans by the Business Development function Like many organisations, these trade secrets are of tremendous value to the company and among

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The global tax policy landscape is changing dramatically, and the emphasis on intangible assets will shift the scope of service provided by IP professionals. The new international tax rules are closely watched by the tax professionals but the IP community has yet to really recognise the challenges and opportunities it offers to them. The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) is at the forefront of efforts to improve international tax co-operation between governments to counter international tax avoidance and evasion.

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Creativity and innovation starts with thinking differently. It is a process of questioning, experimenting, learning and adapting. It requires an appetite for risk, a willingness to question, an open mind to look at things without preconception and perhaps most importantly, patience and perseverance. It can take many forms and the process itself involves ambiguity, controversy and non-linearity. Creativity and innovation within sales & marketing: Many mistakenly assume that creativity and innovation is the preserve of the R&D function or the manufacturing or production

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Although not limited to software, open source is dominated by this particular technology and by the open source software community. Open source software does not just mean access to the source code. The distribution terms of open-source software must comply with the following criteria: There must be free redistribution. The program must include source code, and must allow distribution of the source code along with the compiled form. The license must allow modifications and derived works, and must allow them to be distributed

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The formal definition of the word “Innovative” as taken from the Collins English Dictionary is to invent or begin to apply new methods or ideas, to renew or make new.  Also, it is worthwhile taking a look at some other words of similar meaning. “Creative” means having the ability to create, characterized by originality of thought, having or showing imagination, designed to or tending to stimulate the imagination, showing by sophisticated bending of the rules or conventions.  “Inventive” means to

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In general terms, a case study is an account of an activity, event or problem that contains a real or hypothetical situation and includes the complexities one would encounter in the workplace. The IP Firm in this particular case study is an established and reputable IP Firm with offices in a number of jurisdictions. It employs almost one hundred attorneys and paralegals, and it has clients spread across a diverse range of industry sectors. This IP Firm has received a

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In May 2015, IAM Magazine wrote: ”In the last couple of years there have been several attempts to stymie privateering – the model by which operating companies sell patents to an NPE which then seeks to monetize them, usually through an assertion campaign.” This model will now face its most severe test when the Hon. Mr. Justice Birss takes up the question – remanded to him by the UK Court of Appeals - of whether or not Ericsson violated its FRAND obligations

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After Britain's public vote to leave the EU, the question comes up - in as far as intellectual property is concerned - what effect the Brexit has for the Unitary Patent (also referred to as "UPC") project that finally seemed to have picked up steam. It is likely that the UK leaving the European Union will have material effects on the UPC, either for the Unitary Patent as such or for the time the UPC will come into effect. Firstly it

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Today as well as on June 23, patent attorney's firm EP&C together with Bas Berghuis van Woortman of Simmons & Simmons organize a seminar on the European Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court (UPC). Topics include: What is the unitary patent and how does it work? What is the Unified Patent Court and how does it work? What are the strategic options? What do I have to do?

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Yesterday the "Startup Fest Europe" had its kick-off meetings and formal opening in Amsterdam with innovators from large companies from US and Europe. Start up festival is an European festival of events that help startups grow faster by bringing together founders, investors, business leaders and developers around specific themes (or verticals). It is held in various Dutch cities from 24 – 28 May 2016. The program can be found here. Not usually high on the agenda of start-ups is intellectual property.

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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has published a report on the adjudication of intellectual property cases worldwide, providing a snapshot of the structures and practices of specialised intellectual property jurisdictions (SIPJs) in a group of geographically and economically diverse countries. The report was launched in Moscow on April 29 during a session organized by ICC and ICC Russia at Russia’s largest IP-event, the International Forum on Intellectual Property – 21 Century. The newly published study is based on the practical

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Intellectual property assets (IP Assets), primarily patents and software, have been the driving force behind high tech companies, but often times investors fail to understand their unique value as strategic business assets.  Investors tend to focus on the defensive value of IP Assets, as it relates to protecting the company’s own products, but that is a very narrow point of view that entirely misses the full value of these assets for investors.  This problem gets exacerbated as more and more

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